the history so far

Transistor is an alternative pop/rock band from Athens (Greece), formed back in March 2004. Their first ever song "Living" was released on 2004, into "Blessed and Cursed" compilation album, in a "Last chance" remix by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos.

Transistor's debut album "Things You Miss When You Blink" was released on June 2008 (Shift Records). It consists of 12 songs, a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Big Love" among them, while there is also a collaboration between Transistor and Craig Walker (Archive's ex singer) on track "Lover (Name it what you will)”. The album is produced by Dimitris Papaspyropoulos.

In the beginning of 2008 two of Transistor members (Maria & Niki), composed the soundtrack for the theatrical play "Sto Vytho", directed by Roula Pateraki and produced by the National Theater. The whole musical score was recorded and performed by Transistor.

In September 2009 Transistor recorded the song “Divine” which was made exclusively for Lacta’s “Love In Action” campaign. Divine was also released as a single in the repackaged edition of “Things You Miss When You Blink” (December 2009).

Their new album “Resting In The Shade Of The Family Tree” will be released on 1st of February 2012. The album consists of 11 tracks, produced by Transistor, including a composition exclusively written for Explosive Mechanism’s video project Draft-H. From the first ballad, till the post-rock guitars and the metal influencies, Resting In The Shade of the Family Tree is an album full of emotional outbursts which provoque the audience to discover them, especially on those moments that the voice of Maria Kourmouli sounds like coming from another time and space.

Transistor is not only a studio band. All these years they have performed in almost every big venue of Greece and they have appeared in the major greek rock festivals (Rockwave 2010 & Ejekt 2008) supporting many popular artists of the global music scene, such as Black Eyed Peas, Faithless, James, Stereo MC’S and Unkle. On spring 2012 they will be on tour in Greece, promoting their new album.

Transistor - Line Up:
Maria X Kourmouli (lead vocals, backing vocals)
Niki Karageorgou (keyboards, backing vocals)
Stelios Savranakis (guitars)
Dimitris Kalantzis (drums)
Duru (bass)





tour dates

Friday 16/03/12 Akti Dimeon, Patra
Thursday 19/04/12 Stage Club, Larisa
Friday 27/04/12 Gagarin 205, Athens
Saturday 28/04/12 Mylos Club, Thessaloniki
Sunday 29/04/12 Jazz Rock, Kavala
Friday 11/05/12 Boxx Live Stage, Ioannina
Saturday 12/05/12 Central Square, Trikala

More dates to be announced soon

Things you miss when you blink

Release Date

Shift Records

D-Version Music Publishing LTD

Produced By
Dimitris Papaspyropoulos

Track List
1. Living (5:21)
2. Big Love (4:30)
3. Follow Me (5:04)
4. So Bored (4:54)
5. For These Two (4:36)
6. A ghost in your closet (3:39)
7. Epsilon (4:29)
8. Gone (3:18)
9. Who is gonna write you love songs (3:30)
10. Three and a half (6:19)
11. Lover (Name it what you will) (5:12)
12. Put The Piano Back (4:30)

Resting in the shade of the family tree

Resting in the Shade of the Family Tree - Transistor

Release Date

All Alone Music

D-Version Music Publishing LTD

Produced By
Transistor, George Priniotakis & Alex Bolpasis

Track List
1. Mosquito Tribute (5:45)
2. Family Tree (3:59)
3. Baby Douglas (4:17)
4. Do not raise that flag (4:39)
5. E.B. No Thanx (5:04)
6. Just before you left (5:56)
7. Touch Wood (6:05)
8. Bigger (5:26)
9. Not so much a scary song (4:13)
10. The man in charge / Wanted (4:25)
11. Discovered (7:39)


Release Date

Shift Records

D-Version Music Publishing LTD

Produced By
Transistor, Dimitris Papaspyropoulos

Track List
1. Divine (4:12)

Blessed and cursed (Compilation)

Release Date

Eros Music

Track List
Disc 2 / Track 5. Living (Last chance Remix) (5:18)